Blasting companies must acquire a permit through Fire District #1 of Johnson County and follow Article 6-201 of Spring Hill Municipal Code and State of Kansas regulations, K.A.R. 22-4-5./N.F.P.A. 495. The blaster is required to notify all residents within 600 feet of the blasting area in the form of a Preblast Survey. The purpose of the survey is to verify any existing damage to structures, foundations, etc. prior to blasting.

 Anyone with questions or concerns regarding blasting may call Fire District #1 at 913-764-7635.

  1. What is blasting?
  2. Does it damage nearby buildings?
  3. Will I know about blasting near me?

Blasting is used by structural engineers during the construction process. Small amounts of explosives are used to break up rock material into smaller pieces to be moved.