Code Enforcement

Spring Hill Main Street 2018

The Community Development department employs a full-time Code Enforcement officer to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens and our city. Please contact the Community Development department for assistance with any questions or concerns with city codes. Help keep our city a safe and great place to live.

Per Spring Hill Municipal Code Chapter 7-305, any authorized officer or agent of the City is allowed to enter on any property within the Spring Hill city limits to investigate violations of this chapter or for the abatement of violations pursuant to this chapter. 

2020 Code Violation Report

At the request of Mayor Ellis and the City Council, this report was prepared in September 2020 to identify code violations at City-owned properties and facilities. Code Enforcement staff inspected every City property for violations, which are pictured in this report.

  1. Brandon Stofko

    Code Enforcement

  2. Physical Address
    401 N. Madison St.
    P.O. Box 424
    Spring Hill, KS 66083

    Phone: : (913) 592-3657
    Fax: : (913) 592-5040