Temporary Signs and Uses

Temporary Signs

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Temporary signs are signs that are posted for a limited period of time or not permanently attached to the ground, a building, or a load-bearing structure.
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For information on installing permanent signs, visit the Project Permits page.

Some types of temporary signs require a permit, while others are exempt. Exemptions are granted for:
  • Garage sale signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Project construction signs
  • Signs inside buildings or painted on windows
  • Signs for special events for public, charitable, religious, or fraternal organizations
All temporary signs, whether or not they require a permit, may not be located on public property or right-of-way. This includes the area between the sidewalk and the street and the area around the City welcome signs.

Temporary signs that are exempt from a permit may be located on or off-premises subject to approval. If a temporary sign is advertising an event, it must be removed within 48 hours of the event.

Political signs

Political signs may be placed on the unpaved right-of-way of streets during the 45-day period prior to any election and the two-day period following any such election.

Signs shall not be erected in locations which would conflict with Sections 17.750.C.3 (sight triangle) and 17.750.C.4 (obstruction of means of egress) of the Spring Hill Municipal Code.

Temporary Uses


A Temporary-Use Permit is required for land use activities that are subject to time limits and do not involve the construction or alteration of any permanent structure.

Examples of temporary uses include:
  • Street and outside sales, including sidewalk sales, farmers markets, parking lot sales, food vendors, and vegetable stands. Street and outside sales need not comply with the setback requirements of the zoning code. However, merchandise shall not be displayed in the sight triangle or cause a traffic safety hazard. A temporary use that will attract vehicular traffic will need to be located where adequate parking is available.
  • Christmas tree sales, which shall not exceed 60 days. No trees may be displayed within the sight triangle or create a traffic hazard.
  • Carnivals and circuses, which shall not exceed seven days and must be located in a public park. Equipment and structures with the event must conform with the provisions of sight distance at corner lots.
  • Road construction equipment storage and/or office, which must be approved by the City Council.

Applications must be submitted to the Community Development Director at least ten days prior to the event. Most events lasting longer than three days are subject to City Council approval, while others can be approved by the City Administrator and Community Development Director. Failure to comply with the provisions of the approval can result in the permit being revoked.

A detailed site plan depicting how the property will be utilized may be required to be submitted with the application.

There is no fee for a temporary-use permit or garage sale. There are fees for signs advertising an approved temporary use.

Upon expiration of the approved temporary-use permit, the site must be cleaned up and restored to its condition before the event.