Development Applications

Each development application includes information about the application process and a fee schedule.

To help ensure your application process is completed in a timely manner, view the 2023 and 2024 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule for Submitting Development Applications. Approval of rezoning, planned zoning, and conditional-use permits also often requires a neighborhood meeting.

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To annex in or out of the City limits

Application | Annexation Policy


Maintenance Bond | Performance Bond | Statutory Bond

Conditional-Use Permits

Allows for various land uses in specific locations

Application | Fact sheet

Final Plats

Details one phase of a development


Lot Splits

Application | Fact sheet

Planned Zoning Districts

Encourages innovative and imaginative planning


Preliminary Plats

Outlines the overall design of a subdivision



Application | Fact sheet

Site Plan

Required for all but residential buildings, as well as most CUP's