New Residential Construction

Building Permit Submission

All new building construction requires the completion of application along with building plans and plot plan to be submitted through our e-permits portal.
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Plans and forms are inspected within 10-14 days of submission. Permit costs are based on the following approximate costs:
  • New construction: The approximate cost of a new one- and/or two-family dwelling is the selling price minus the lot cost, sewer cost, and water cost.
  • Other construction: the value being added to the property.

Permits will not be processed without valid licensing. 

All costs for Spring Hill utility connections and all other charges must be paid when the permit is issued.

Before any work may commence, all pertinent permits must be obtained.

Regulations Overview


Contractors requesting building, plumbing, electric, or mechanical permits must be licensed with the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program or the Miami County Contractor Licensing Program.

Codes and Standards

Spring Hill has adopted:


No one is permitted to reside or conduct business in a structure before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.