Repairs and Upgrades for Home and Business

The Spring Hill Community Development department is prepared to help residents and businesses make safe, quality upgrades and repairs to their properties through our permitting and inspection process.
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When getting ready for a project, please take note of the following regulations:

Building Permit

A basic building permit is required for projects including, but not limited to, remodeling, finishing a basement, building a deck, or building an accessory/agricultural building.

Application | Building a Deck | Building a FEMA Safe Room | Residential Remodels and Basement Finishes | Post Frame Building Standards

Beekeeping Permit

Beekeeping is now allowed in certain zoning districts within the city limits.


Burn Permit

To obtain a burn permit within the City of Spring Hill, please contact Fire District #1 of Johnson County at 913-592-3926.

Chicken Permit

Chickens are now allowed within city limits. A site plan must be included with the application submittal. Requirements | Application

Commercial Building Permit

All new building construction (commercial) requires the completion and submission of the City's building permit application.

Demolition Permit

With your completed application, you must submit documentation that all public utilities have been properly disconnected, proof of permission from the owner of the current location, approval for the abandonment of the sewage disposal system, and a satisfactory pre-demolition evaluation. Details are included in the application.


Driveway Approach Permit

A minimum depth of six inches is required for poured concrete. Driveways must be at least two feet from the property line.

Application | Concrete Cold Weather Rules

Electrical Permit

Spring Hill has adopted the 2005 Electrical Code.


Fence Permit

Before you dig, call the Kansas One-Call System at (800) 344-7233 to locate utilities.


Mechanical Permit

A mechanical permit is required for the installation or replacement of furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioners.


Permanent Sign Permit

Application | Fact Sheet

Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas Permit

Private pools, hot tubs and spas are permitted in the rear yard of homes.
Application | Installing Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

Plumbing Permit

A permit is required for both new plumbing fixtures or drainage systems and repairs or alterations to the existing plumbing system.


Reroofing Permit

Take note that three inspections are required during a reroofing project.


Shed Permit

Sheds have maximum size of 120 square feet and maximum height of 12 feet measured from grade to the highest point of the shed.