Annual Operating Budget

In accordance with Kansas statutes, the City of Spring Hill creates an annual operating budget each year for the upcoming calendar year. The budget includes revenue projections, allocations for operation expenditures, contracts with outside agencies, maintenance and capital improvements.

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Residents are encouraged to attend the City Council budget discussions and participate in the public hearing generally held in late July or early August of each year.

2024 Budget

View the 2024 Adopted Budget.

2023 Budget

View the 2023 Adopted Budget.

Capital Improvement Program

View the 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Program

The Spring Hill Capital Improvement Program is revised annually to provide a five-year plan for budgeting and implementation of large-scale public expenditures. These expenditures are generally large projects with a long expected useful life. Improvements can be related to land, buildings, roads or other public works, that produce public services or benefits.

Citizen CIP Requests

Citizens are invited to submit a Capital Improvement Project request form at any time during the year. Upon review of the request for a project, it will be reviewed by staff and considered for recommendation during the next available budget process. In general, requests received by May 15 can be reviewed and considered for the upcoming budget year. Once the form is completed, email a copy to cityhall@springhillks.gov or drop it by City Hall.

CIP Request Form