Trash Containers

Please use appropriate containers that are made for trash disposal. Standard cans that are dumped manually must not weigh more than 50 pounds each when filled. Waste Management will not empty barrels or other containers not intended for trash collection.

Waste Management offers 96-gallon carts or 65-gallon carts for your use. 95-gallon carts are available to rent for $3 per month, and 65-gallon carts are available to rent for $2.50 per month. Residents interested in renting a cart will be billed directly from Waste Management. Please call (800) 964-8988 for more information.

Placement of Trash Containers

On trash collection day, place your containers as close to the curb as possible. Do not place containers behind vehicles parked on the street. Waste Management will leave containers in an upright position.

Waste Management will not remove trash from trailers, trucks, cars, etc. All trash must be visible from the street and not blocked by parked vehicles or other items that may restrict the crew's ability to locate and remove trash.

Removal of Trash Containers

Trash containers cannot be placed in the public right of way for a period exceeding 24 hours prior to collection day and must be removed within 12 hours following collection of trash.

Keeping Your Container Clean and Secure

To keep cans clean and prevent sticky build-up, periodically wash cans with an appropriate household cleaner or disinfectant. You and your refuse worker will be happy you did! Animals may be discouraged from digging in your refuse by adding two tablespoons of household ammonia to your bag or refuse container.

Trash containers should be securely covered at all times. Uncovered containers are a significant source of litter and attract dogs, rodents, flies and mosquitoes. Be especially careful when placing trash cans at curbside. Loose trash is often scattered by the wind, rain and animals before trash collectors arrive. Containing your trash prevents this problem and improves the appearance of the neighborhood.