Boards and Commissions


Five boards and commissions make recommendations to the Governing Body on key issues. Each of these groups is comprised of community volunteers who readily give their time and expertise to help improve our city. Members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.
The City also appoints two members to the Spring Hill Recreation Commission board. The Spring Hill Recreation Commission is funded by tax dollars paid by property owners within the Spring Hill School District. This area encompasses portions of Johnson and Miami counties. The commission is governed by a five-member volunteer board. Two are appointed by the City of Spring Hill; two are appointed by the Spring Hill School District; and one serves at large. They meet on a monthly basis to oversee the commission's operations and staff. A representative from the school board and city council serve as non-voting members. 

The City also maintained an Arts Council until Feb. 26, 2015, when an ordinance was passed abolishing the Arts Council after the organization received its 501(C)3 designation. The Council continues to support arts in our community as an independent group. The Public Safety Advisory Board was also disbanded in early 2019. 

Accepting applications for following boards

The City of Spring Hill is accepting applications for the following boards:

Board of Zoning Appeals (one seat)
Reside in City limits June 2024 (1)
Board of Zoning Appeals (one seat) Reside in City limits June 2023 (1) 
Parks Advisory Board (one seat)    
Reside in City limits or USD 230 District February 2024 (1)    
Parks Advisory Board (one seat) Reside in City limits or USD 230 District
February 2022 (1)

Interested Applicants in the Board of Zoning Appeals must submit this application. The positions are open until filled.
Interested Applicants in the Parks Advisory Board must submit this application. The positions are open until filled. 

The City of Spring Hill is always looking for dedicated residents who care about their community's future to serve on our boards and commissions. Applications must be submitted 
to City Hall, Attn: City Clerk, 401 N. Madison St., P.O. Box 424, Spring Hill, KS 66083.