Community Survey

The City of Spring Hill works with ETC Institute to regularly collect resident feedback through community surveys. The results of these surveys provide valuable guidance as City staff and leaders determine which projects and efforts to prioritize.

Two surveys were conducted in late summer 2016 to provide up-to-date feedback on a number of key City services and projects. 
  • Residents were asked to rate their satisfaction with City services, perceptions of the City, public safety, communications, maintenance, parks and recreation, codes and ordinances, future projects, and other topics. View final report
  • A business survey asked about the needs of existing businesses, their perceptions of city services, and ways to recruit new businesses. View final report
Both reports include comparisons to past City survey results. The resident survey also compares Spring Hill's results to national and regional averages and provides an analysis of key areas for improvement. 
Community Survey 2016-01