The City of Spring Hill relies on generous community businesses and organizations to help us provide quality family events for our residents. By supporting City-sponsored events, these groups provide giveaways, treats and games at popular Aquatic Center deck parties, purchase new equipment for the pool and fund an evening of Christmas cheer at Hometown Holidays.

Becoming a City event sponsor is a great way to enhance our community's quality of life while promoting your business or organization!

Become a Sponsor

Complete this form, then mail a check with your sponsorship level written in the memo line to: City of Spring Hill, P.O. Box 424, Spring Hill, KS 66083.

Aquatic Center Sponsorships

Tube sponsors

get their business name or logo printed on new tubes for use in the popular lazy river and river slides. You can sponsor tubes on your own for $2,000 or split the cost with another sponsor.

City staff works with

Cabana Sponsors ($500)

to create a high-quality printed sign featuring your business name or logo, a name you pick for the cabana, and a colorful design. Each sign is posted in its own cabana throughout the season, where it's viewed by swimmers and groups using the cabanas for parties.

Party Underwriters ($1,000)

pick a party for the year to serve as the title sponsor. You get top billing on all advertising.

Party Sponsors ($200)

get their business name featured on all party advertising. You can also pick an event, like the duck races or hula hoop contest, to title sponsor during a party.

Sponsor Both

Make the most of your sponsorship by supporting events throughout the year! A $350 donation gets your business the same benefits as an Aquatic Center Party Sponsorship and a Hometown Holidays Gold Sponsorship.

Hometown Holidays


Silver Sponsorship ($100)

gets your business name listed on the event website and a banner at the event

There are two ways to be a

Gold Sponsor

, which gets our logo on the event giveaway bags and name on the website and banner. You can donate $250 or provide a gift, activity, craft, or game for the evening.