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Legacy Park

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Legacy Park is located near 207th Street and Barker Road. Access to the park is on an unimproved path within the Woodland Ridge subdivision at the intersection of 208th Street and Skyview Lane. This 16.31-acre park is undeveloped, allowing visitors to enjoy a slice of the rural outdoors within the city limits.

The park has two ponds. The upper pond is a stormwater runoff basin and is not managed as a fishery. The lower pond is stocked occasionally and is part of the Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP). CFAP, a cooperative program between local communities and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, offers anglers who hold a state fishing license free access to community lakes that cooperate with the program. The City of Spring Hill does not require a City permit to fish on City lakes due to this program.

Formerly known as Melvin Murry Park, this park is now named Legacy Park.