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Spring Hill City Lake

Originally built in the 1950s as a reservoir for the city's water supply, Spring Hill City Lake is now 40 acres of recreation for residents to enjoy. The lake features a variety of fish, including crappie, blue gill, largemouth bass and channel cat. As part of the Community Fisheries Assistance Program, anglers who hold a state fishing license may fish here without a City permit. 

Main access to the lake is at Veterans Park. You can also access the lake via Clubhouse Drive at Sycamore Ridge Golf Club at U.S. 169 and Lone Elm Road.

The following rules and regulations apply at City lakes:

  • All persons fishing in a City lake must have a state fishing license if required to do so. State fishing laws apply at City lakes.
  • No seining, netting, or trapping minnows.
  • No dumping or disposing of any kind of live bait, garbage, or refuse.
  • No use of trotlines, bank lines, or jugs.
  • No more than two fishing lines per state license.
  • No removing of grass carp.
  • Boats must be no longer than 16 feet. 
  • No power-driven boats or vessels except for those powered by an electric trolling motor
  • Minimum wake with 5 mph speed limit.
  • No wading, bathing, or swimming.
  • Recognized float tubes are permitted. Hip boots or chest waders can only be worn with a float tube.
  • The minimum slot length for channel catfish and largemouth bass is 15 inches. The creel limit is two for channel catfish and five for largemouth bass. Crappie has no minimum slot length and a creel limit of 50.
Violation of City ordinances can result in fines, imprisonment, or both.