What incentives were offered in the RFP?
  • In exchange for a comprehensive, city-wide solution that serves all Spring Hill residents, the following incentives will be considered by the City:
    • Waiver of right-of-way permit (ROW) and inspection fees, granted under Resolution 2019-R-14, for internet providers who deploy gigabit-capable broadband services for sale to residents, businesses, and governmental entities in the city limits of Spring Hill.
    • Assist the Partner in navigating necessary permitting requirements to streamline planning and construction efforts. 
    • Dedicated resources to support our selected Partner(s) through plan review, coordination, and inspection services to assure an expedited approach to construction and installation in the public ROW and will work with the Partner to facilitate work.
    • Access to non-public resources that identify City infrastructure and, where available, access to existing conduit infrastructure. Such information includes but is not limited to traffic, sewer, water, and storm-drainage facilities. 
    • Assist Partner to facilitate conversations and collaboration with other jurisdictions or entities that may govern the Partner’s access to necessary infrastructure, poles, rights of way, and other components necessary to successfully deploy a robust FTTP network.  Additionally, the City acknowledges that municipal-funded investment into infrastructure is necessary to ensure success of the Project or advance the timeline for service availability.
    • The Partner may benefit from the city’s planned project to construct dark fiber between city facilities, see Appendix B for map and addresses of City facilities, estimated to take place in 2020, by reducing their own capital costs to serve those areas in the following ways:
    • Contract with the City to design and construct dark fiber between city facilities as outlined in Appendix B in a project estimated at $350,000, with the potential for increased budget dependent upon addition of optional facilities. Partner may use open ground to install its own fiber in cost-sharing or cost-covered agreement; or 
    • Partner may use open ground to install its own fiber during city construction of dark fiber project through cost-sharing or cost-covered agreement.

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1. Why did the City get involved?
2. Did the City talk to the existing internet providers before moving ahead with this project in 2017?
3. Did the City talk to other internet providers before releasing the RFP?
4. Do existing internet service providers in Spring Hill have fiber networks?
5. Why is fiber important?
6. Why is gigabit speed important?
7. What due diligence was performed?
8. What was the purpose of the Broadband Task Force?
9. Why was a feasibility study performed?
10. What is a feasibility study?
11. What was the recommendation made by the Broadband Task Force?
12. Why did the Broadband Task Force disband?
13. What areas does this project impact?
14. Is the City going to own the internet service?
15. Why not wireless?
16. Why did Spring Hill have a launch event for RG Fiber?
17. What is a Request for Proposal (RFP)?
18. Does an RFP obligate the City to act?
19. Why did we issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) instead of a Request for Information (RFI)?
20. Why was a Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement included?
21. What were the stated goals of the RFP and when was it released?
22. Why were incentives important to the RFP process?
23. What incentives were offered in the RFP?
24. Who was the RFP distributed to?
25. Who responded to the RFP?
26. What steps were involved in the selection process?
27. Was a rating matrix completed during the proposal review process?
28. What was the committee recommendation?
29. Why was an out of state company chosen?
30. Why didn’t the City pick the lowest bid?
31. What is dark fiber?
32. Why is the City proposing a dark fiber network?
33. Will the City control the residents’ internet?
34. Will the City get internet before the residents do?
35. Why does the City need high-speed internet to the Aquatic Center and the Community Center?