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Posted on: March 3, 2020

Evoqua updates: Brookwood Farms

Houses line the street in the Brookwood Farms subdivision

April 23, 2020: As of 3:06 p.m. yesterday afternoon, the H2S gas level in the outfall manhole in Brookwood Farms is at 0.0 parts per million. Field staff reports no outdoor sewer odors in the area as well.

April 22, 2020: It has been approximately six days since we began injecting the sewer odor control product into the sanitary sewer collection system and I think we are beginning to see positive results (which is sooner than I expected). The monitoring sensor shows a very low H2S level of 1.4ppm in the outfall manhole this morning at 5:14 a.m.

We have also incorporated on-site “sniff” tests into our field operations in the mornings and afternoons in Brookwood Farms to validate odor concentrations and to see if the sewer odor is still detectable and/or has depleted satisfactorily. As of 11 a.m. this morning, I am happy to report that our field staff reported no sewer odor outdoors in that area.

We will keep you updated as we continue monitoring the system and H2S levels.

April 17, 2020: Seeing sewer odor control results from this system will be speculative at this point, but after reviewing the numbers and flow data, we anticipate (at least at a minimal level) that we might see some results after next Friday and the next two weeks following. Please keep in mind that it takes several days for this product to travel through the pipe to reach its destination at Brookwood Farms. We will keep you informed as we receive data from the sewer odor monitoring system.

April 16, 2020: Product tanks are being filled today; Strong lift station feed system equipment is in service and functioning as designed. North Benefit 4.1 list station feed system equipment should be in service this afternoon as they are still filling the tank. In order to begin seeing results of this product, there will be a time delay due to detention time as it will take some time for the product to get from the lift stations and flowing completely through the force main pipelines before it arrives at Brookwood Farms. We are working on some projected timelines so we can provide you with a better timeline on when we may anticipate results from the product.

April 15, 2020: The Evoqua Team as well as City staff has completed the installation of the new Sewer Odor Control System Equipment. Product is scheduled to be delivered by tomorrow. Once the product has been delivered, the equipment feed system should be functioning.

April 10, 2020: City Crews and Evoqua Technicians are still in the process of installation of the product feed equipment and tank site preparation. The tank site prep should be completed today as the tanks are placed in their final position. The Evoqua Team will have two members on site Monday, April 13, to continue the feed equipment installation and final prep work (which may continue for a few more days). Evoqua assured us this week that the Sewer Odor Control System will be functioning by no later than Thursday April 16 of next week.

April 6, 2020: The piping and solution feed equipment has been delivered to the lift station sites today. We expect installation of this equipment to begin tomorrow April 7 as planned.

March 24, 2020: Now that the product tanks have been delivered to the City, we received word from the Evoqua team that the product feed system equipment will be delivered to us on April 6; this equipment is expected to be installed on April 7.

March 20, 2020: The City received word yesterday from the Evoqua Team that the Sewer Odor Control product tanks were shipped yesterday (3-19-2020); we anticipate delivery on site to lift stations next week. Also, we anticipate that the feed injection system equipment will be shipped sometime soon as well but have not received any firm dates on shipment from Evoqua at this time. Evoqua advised us that they will provide a firm ship date for the injection feed equipment as soon as they know so we can track its location as well.

March 16, 2020: The Evoqua Team has recently informed the City that the delivery of equipment will begin this week; The product tanks will either be delivered to the sites today or tomorrow, March 16 or 17 respectively. The testing of the feed system equipment is almost complete and will be shipped after it passes testing protocols.

March 3, 2020: City staff informed by the Evoqua team that there was a delay in production pertaining to some of the equipment necessary for equipment operations. Jim Boyer, Public Works director, anticipates that the equipment delivery may not arrive this week, but next week. This delays the equipment start up by one more week, so originally we anticipated equipment start up the week of March 9, now, start up may not be until the week of March 16.

Feb. 2, 2020: City staff was part of a conference call with the Evoqua Water Technologies team to discuss dates for equipment installation and projected start up of the new system. Although Evoqua originally anticipated equipment to be delivered the end of January, they determined that equipment would finally be delivered the first week of March (this has changed since then as the manufacturer indicated that production of some parts would not be finished until later and delivery is expected the second week of March). Logistical items were discussed pertaining to electrical circuit connections, site location access, and by what methods of offloading equipment will be needed at each site.

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