Part-Time Positions

  1. Municipal Judge


The City of Spring Hill is accepting applications for a part-time Municipal Judge position. This position is an independent contractor and serves as an “at will” appointee. The Municipal Judge is responsible for presiding over Municipal Court and determining appropriate outcomes. Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, conducting courtroom proceedings of persons charged with violating municipal ordinances and ensuring all persons charged with violations of municipal ordinances are treated fairly, equitably and in manner consistent with Constitutional principles. This position performs independently within professional and legal guidelines, policies and procedures and requires involvement and support of others within the department and City.

 Essential Duties

  • Ensures an efficient and equitable process for Court proceedings including establishing sessions and dockets specific to Municipal Court
  • Develops processes to expedite proceedings and ensures processes are consistent with Constitutional principles
  • Determines court policy and procedure
  • Resolves disputes concerning municipal court
  • Arraigns accused persons, advises persons of charges pending against them, possible penalties, and their constitutional rights
  • Analyzes evidence, applies existing laws impartially and renders prompt and equitable verdicts
  • Commits persons to jail, assesses fines and determines diversion/probation/parole status
  • Sets bonds, hears motions and writes legal decisions
  • Reviews case files of persons who did not appear in court
  • Determines whether warrants will be issued, and signs issued warrants
  • Reviews requests for dismissals from prosecution and requests for continuances from defendants and attorneys
  • Enters appropriate enforcement orders
  • Determines which cases are to be submitted to collections
  • Enters data in real time during Court including pleas and dispositions, fines and fees, continuance notices, journal entries and court orders
  • Processes cases during and after court without supporting hard copy documentation
  • Supports court activities by coordinating as appropriate with the City Administrator, City Clerk, Police, Community Development, City Attorney, Prosecutor’s Office and other City departments and provides professional expertise and research as needed.

Duties, responsibilities, scheduling, shift assignments and work location, may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.


  • Juris Doctorate Degree and membership in good standing with the Kansas State Bar preferred; 
  • minimum of 3 years practicing law.
  • Attention to detail, analytical skills including research skills, ability to interpret data, ability to analyze information;
  • Computer software skills to include Microsoft Office 365;
  • Human relations and interpersonal skills;
  • Written and oral communication skills;
  • Group presentation skills;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality;
  • Time management to include the ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and deadlines;
  • Leadership skills including collaboration skills and complex decision making skills.

Salary is $1,800 per month. First review of applications is April 24.

To apply

Complete our online application and upload your cover letter and resume here 
Send completed application, cover letter, and resume to: 

Human Resources
City of Spring Hill
401 N. Madison St.
P.O. Box 424
Spring Hill, KS 66083