Project Connect

Project Connect was launched in early 2014 to help the City of Spring Hill develop a vision for improving the community for its resident, visitors, and families.

A community survey was completed in July 2013 to identify key areas for improvements and priorities for the future. Staff reviewed this survey to establish five key performance areas (KPAs) for review.
Four Project Connect meetings were facilitated by Jeanie Lauer, owner of the Management Edge, through the Center for Business Technology at Johnson County Community College. These sessions, chaired by Jim Wilson and Pastor Janice Hawley, kicked off January 25, 2014 and ended March 8, 2014.

City staff were on hand as information resources, and the mayor and council members were present as observers only.

A diverse representation of community stakeholders were assigned to subgroups to address each improvement area and identify desired initiatives, implementation, progress measurements, and time frames for each KPA. At the conclusion of the meetings, participants selected their top two initiatives from each KPA.

Final Report