Crime Mapping

Disclaimer and Conditional Use Conditions

This online service displays information regarding allegations of criminal behavior reported to the police. All information post is preliminary and subject to change. Data provided for each alleged incident includes the location, date, time, and type of offense. Each reported incident is assigned as case number.


The associated data / electronic files are being provided as a gratuitous service by the City of Spring Hill Police Department. The City of Spring Hill does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data. The City is not liable or responsible for any use of this data or any damages, monetary or otherwise, which may result from the use of this data. The user hereby acknowledges and agrees to use this data solely at his/her own risk and will not hold the City of Spring Hill or its agents responsible in any way. Furthermore, the use of the data contained herein, and any products derived therefrom, for the purpose of solicitation to buy or sell any product, property, or service is strictly prohibited.